11 Reasons To Book A Boudoir Session

You’ve been curious, you’ve seen your friends boudoir photos, but you’re just not sure. Is it really for you? Could you really look that good? Should I be spending money on myself? Do you need a reason to jump?

While there are a million excuses we can come up with to just say no to taking a chance on ourselves, here are 11 reasons that may just nudge you in the right direction. Why you SHOULD book a boudoir session.

11. You’re getting married!

Congratulations! You’ve found someone you want to spend your whole life with! That’s an amazing accomplishment! You’ve learned to accept someone else as they are, little quirks and all, and you’ve learned to love them unconditionally, with your whole heart! It’s a BIG STEP! A Bridal boudoir album is the perfect wedding gift for your soon-to-be hunny! Kick that honeymoon off right and surprise your unsuspecting partner with gorgeous, professional photos of you, half naked! Plus, the boost in confidence before your wedding doesn’t hurt!

10. You want to celebrate your anniversary!

Marriage is TOUGH WORK! Every year together is another reason to celebrate each other and all the work you’ve put in to maintaining your sanity, and not killing one another LOL. It’s also a reason to honor one another, and show your love. A boudoir session is a double-whammy! The experience is a gift for yourself, plus the photos double as a nice little keepsake for your partner!

9. You need a gift idea!

While a boudoir experience is all about you, you can definitely gift some of the photos to your significant other! Doing something daring and outside of your comfort zone, and having a physical product to show your lover that you did it in their honor is the perfect gift! Whether it’s their birthday, Valentine’s Day, or some other gift-giving holiday, give the gift of YOU all dolled up and sexy, captured inside a sleek Boudoir Box.

8. You’re having a baby!

Pregnancy is an exciting life stage with so many changes! But with the puking spells, fatigue, and a growing belly, it’s easy to feel anything but sexy. This is the perfect time to open up to seeing yourself through someone else’s eyes. Maternity boudoir is a great way to honor your amazing body that goes through so many changes to create a new life. It’s the perfect mix of sweet and sexy, while showcasing that glorious bump in a tasteful way that you’ll be happy to show off to your baby when they’re not so tiny anymore!

7. You just had a baby!

Babies are wonderful, cute little bundles of joy that just warm your heart! They’re also exhausting and the process of bringing them into the world can really do a number on your body and emotions. Combating this new, amazing, poop-filled life stage with a confidence-boosting boudoir experience is the best way to honor your new mombod! Plus, the full boobs are always a nice touch!

6. You need a reminder!

Maybe you’ve done a boudoir session in the past, and that high lasted a while, but now it’s back to the mundane, every day rut and you’ve forgotten how amazing you are. Or maybe you’ve never done it before, but you still need to be reminded of your incredible beauty and potential. Either way, boudoir is the way to go! Get some wall portraits to hang up in your bedroom, bathroom or in your walk-in closet to give yourself a daily boost of confidence!

5. You need a pick-me-up!

You’ve been through a rough patch, life takes a dump on you, and it’s pouring. We’ve all been there! Whether you’re recovering from health issues, surviving a break-up, experiencing unexpected financial changes, or just…life. A boudoir shoot can help bring some positivity back into your life!

4. You need to celebrate yourself!

You’re coming up on a milestone, or you’ve been working hard towards a goal and you need to take pride in that! Whether it’s weight loss, a big career move, you’re entering a new decade, or you’re dropping your not-so-good-for-you partner, you deserve to showcase that pride! While a boudoir shoot can certainly help give you a boost in confidence, it’s also a great way to capture the confidence you get from seeing your dreams realized! Finding your worth and not settling for anything else is an amazing reason to book a boudoir shoot!

3. You need a break!

Whether you’re a mom on the go, or you’re working toward some major goals, every woman could use a break! A day of pampering, a chance to just let go and have a great time, all while having a personal cheerleader there pumping you UP! As women, we tend to stack our plates SO high that we never find time for ourselves. Well, girl, it’s time to make the time!

2. You could use a boost!

It’s no secret that our self-esteem is constantly taking hits with all of the societal standards telling us we’re not good enough unless we look like a perfect Victoria’s Secret Model. We’re always judging ourselves! We’re too big, our boobs are too small, our butts are too flat, we’re too short, we’re too old…..GIRL! Those thoughts are EXHAUSTING! It’s time to see ourselves as the beautiful, strong, amazing creations of nature that we are! Seeing yourself through the eye of someone else can make a HUGE impact on your self-esteem and self image!

1. You want to feel empowered!

In my humble opinion, this is the top reason to book a boudoir shoot! With so many expectations put on us from society, from our looks to how we act and how we perform on the job, it’s easy to feel like we’ve lost ourselves. It’s time to take back your power, babe! Boudoir is a fantastic way to feel in control and let yourself be yourself, by embracing your authentic beauty and strength! Find yourself again through an Empowering Boudoir Experience, and learn to fall in love with the woman in the mirror!


Yep! That’s right! You don’t REALLY need a reason to book a boudoir session. Sometimes, just wanting to do something is reason enough. And that’s 1000% okay! So throw all your excuses out the window and let’s chat!

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