Best Outfits For Boudoir

So, you’ve been thinking about booking a boudoir session, (or maybe you already have) but you’re just not sure WHAT you would wear!

You live in leggings and the last time you bought new underwear was when your old ones fell apart…lingerie is the LAST thing on your priority list!

I offer an extensive guide for clients that book a session with me, that covers all the dos and don’ts and answers all the questions that come up with preparing for your boudoir session!

Well, I’ve come up with a list of the best outfits for boudoir!

First on the list, a simple, matching bra and panty set!

But, not everybody is comfortable baring it all, so next on the list is a little more conservative. T-shirts, button-ups, sweaters, jerseys…they can conceal areas you don’t want to show off, and give you freedom to be personal and creative!

And last, but not least, my favorite: Bodysuits/teddies! Another more conservative option, but much more feminine and sexy.

Of course there are many other options when it comes to choosing an outfit for your boudoir session, but I’ve found these to be the best and most popular!

Which of these options are you most likely to choose?

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