Introducing PrePayment Plans

Hey Babe!

I KNOW how intimidating a boudoir session can be. I make it a point to book my own boudoir session at least every other year! (That’s me over there –> in 2018, about 7 months after I had my fourth baby!) So I go through all the same emotions you do! One of the biggest hang-ups I get is the financial part! It’s an investment, and sometimes it’s downright SCARY! Which is why I’ve decided to introduce PrePayment Plans. It gives you the opportunity to invest in yourself, and pay it down over time, in smaller chunks, ahead of time so you don’t have to wait to receive your photos!

So, here’s how it all works! You choose a collection below that fits your budget needs, and that gives you everything you want, each one gives you a number of sweet bonuses to choose from. You then select the bonuses you wish to add, and your monthly payment amount, and based on that we pick your session date! So perfect, right!? Choosing a PrePayment plan also saves you some moola on your purchase, as all collections are discounted 5% when you pay ahead of time!

Scroll on to check out the sweet Bonuses…

Images courtesy Ashley Kidder

PrePayment Bonuses

When you book in advance, and set up a prepayment plan you get to choose from several bonus offerings that are normally paid upgrades!

Like these glorious angel wings:

Or any of these other bonuses:

  • Extra Hair and Makeup Look
  • Personal Shopping Assistant (In-person or via video call)
  • Extra Outfit
  • 3 Professional Headshots
  • Peep Show Viewfinder
  • 50% Off Session Fee within 12 months
  • Mobile App Add-on
  • 12-month Calendar
  • Angel Wings
  • Shower Set
  • Fluffy Feather Robe
  • Set of 3 accordion booklets

So, let’s chat! What’s holding you back from booking a session?