Denver's Most Empowering Experience

Client Raves

"As soon as I walked in, I felt completely comfortable, like I was hanging out with some girlfriends. Sondra is your cheerleader AND your coach through the session, hyping you up in between shots and directing your posing so you actually look like you know how to model. She made me feel powerful and captured me like I had never imagined I could look."


"I went in because I wanted to give my husband a special birthday present, but I came out realizing that I had received a present too. I didn't know that I was capable of looking or feeling how I did. By the end of the session, I had embraced an important part of my authentic self. We all need to love ourselves...doing this was a huge step in being able to do just that."


"THE BEST boudoir experience I have ever had! Sondra's knowledge of posing and attention to detail made me feel so confident! She took the time to learn about what my insecurities and worries were for my pictures and went above and beyond to make sure that I loved the results!"


"I've worked with Sondra twice now and it has been AMAZING. She is very professional, and makes you feel so comfortable that you forget how nervous you are and just go for it. 10/10 would recommend and would OBVIOUSLY go back when I want this type of shoot again."


"I was nervous to do this at first, but I'm so happy that I did! My nerves went away after one click of the camera and Sondra really does guide you down to the smallest detail! I honestly assumed I would like a photo or two, but I loved them all! I was looking at the photos once we were done and just kept thinking "Wow, I can't believe that's me!" I loved the experience, and I loved the outcome! I felt so beautiful! So empowering!"


"I was pretty nervous going into this photo shoot, but Sondra made me feel so confident, beautiful, and sexy. I did this shoot for myself (I was going through a bad break up so my confidence was not high) afterwards I felt like a brand new woman with a S*** load of confidence not only in my self mentally but physically as well. Thank you Sondra and Ashley for making me feel beautiful and unstoppable. I love you girls so much and I love the energy you brought to the shoot."


Beautiful Transformations


I'm sure you're thinking "These women are beautiful, there's no way I could look like them!"

Well... you can.

The women I photograph are everyday women, amazing, strong, beautiful, regular, everyday women.

Some are teachers, some are lawyers, some are retired, some are stay-at-home-moms, some are grandmas, some are happily married and some are divorced. Most have never been in front of a camera, let alone modeled before! Each one of them has their own unique story.


And Each and every one of them had the same thoughts!

And Each and every one of them was blown away by their photos!


It's time you experience it, too!

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Whether it's a phone or an in-person consultation, I will hold your hand through the whole process! My goal is to make sure you feel 100% comfortable, 100% of the time. I am more than happy to help answer any questions you may have about your session with me! At your private, one-on-one consultation we'll discuss the session details, we'll go over pricing and get a feel for one another, to ensure we're a good fit!




It's not everyday you get pampered from head to toe. Whether you want a more natural look, or you want to go full glam, my hair & makeup team has all the tools to make you feel the most beautiful in your own skin!




Not everyone feels comfortable in front of the camera, but that will be the last of your worries here at the studio! We make sure the entire experience is as relaxing and as fun as possible! I guide you from head to toe into the most flattering positions for YOU, including what to do with your hands, and your face!




They say all good things come to an end...but do they?

This is my favorite part of the whole experience, when you finally get to see yourself the way others see you! This is where we sit down together and go through your images so you can pick your favorites and marvel in your beauty!


You'll leave the studio skipping with confidence and have a glow that will last you a lifetime!

It's time you invest in yourself.

You're worth it!

I'm so excited that you're interested in an Empowering Boudoir Experience! I truly feel boudoir can change your life by changing your perspective of yourself. Every woman needs to experience an uplifting session at least once in her life! I am thrilled that you are ready to commit to loving yourself more!


A session with me is fun and empowering and a little scary! But that's where the magic happens, right? Outside your comfort zone!


"Feel the fear and do it anyway"


We laugh, I shower you in genuine compliments, you get to be pampered by one of my amazing hair and makeup artists, you'll get in a workout, and you'll leave feeling like you can take on the world!


An Experience with Belle Amour Boudoir starts at $500. Digital and printed photo products are purchased separately. Financing options are available to ensure you end this experience with all the artwork you love!


It is best to plan far in advance as I typically book sessions a few months out, be sure to schedule your session 4-6 weeks before you need your images in hand. Turn around time is often less than that, but it's always better to be over prepared than under!


Please fill out the form below, and schedule your complimentary phone consultation, and I'll be in touch shortly to discuss your dream boudoir session!

My private studio is located in Westminster, with gorgeous natural light and plenty of beautiful sets to give you great variety for your session.Studio Sessions
Couples sessions are so special, watching a spark re-ignite between two people that may have lost touch with each other is powerful! I can come to your home for a much more personalized, intimate feel to your images.Couples Sessions
Adventure junkie? Exhibitionist? Feeling daring? Showcase your active lifestyle with a splash of sexy! Outdoor boudoir is for the wild-at-heart! Those willing to bare all in the name of art!Outdoor Boudoir

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